UKREiiF : Shaping the Future of Property Events with Matt Christie

UKREiiF : Shaping the Future of Property Events with Matt Christie

Urban Forecast · 2023-08-07

Get ready for an exhilarating episode, where we go behind the scenes of UKREiiF, the UK’S fastest-growing and most disruptive property sector event.

We sat down with Matt Christie, Director External Relations and Content at UKREiiF, to discuss the layers of strategies aimed at crafting a program of activities that drive the success of UKREiiF. We delve into how they’ve made UKREiiF more accessible, inviting broader participation and enabling attendees to voice their concerns directly to decision-makers...and how this is changing the landscape of property events through its success. Their strategy extends to engaging young and hard-to-reach individuals in the built environment, offering them a platform, stimulating future decision-making.

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