Uncanny Landscapes #3 - Roei Greenberg

Uncanny Landscapes #3 - Roei Greenberg

Uncanny Landscapes · 2020-07-30

An interview by Justin Hopper with photographer Roei Greenberg Roei Greenberg is an London-based Israeli artist whose photographs explore borders and boundaries, whether they are the ‘hot’ political borders of his home on the Israel-Lebanon border, or the subtle, implicit boundaries of the English picturesque. We spoke about his projects English Encounters and Along the Break; about contested landscapes; and about the ghosts that haunt our places, fighting for the chance to be seen. Links: Roei Greenberg’s website - and, in particular, the projects English Encounters and Along the BreakHis photographs ‘Grazing Area, the Ruins of the Arab Village of Kedes’, ‘Syrian Tank’ and 'Hinterland' are discussed in detail.His RCA thesis exhibition is available online until 31 July. (Host Justin Hopper has a website, too; twitter, even.) Music by Russell McAlpineTitle sounds by The Belbury Poly courtesy Ghost Box RecordsIcons by Stefan Musgrave / Firebrand Creative

Uncanny Landscapes

Excursions into the otherwise. Interviews, reviews and discussion of our strange and estranged relationship to landscape.

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