Ep. 172: How To Interview Better

Ep. 172: How To Interview Better

The #SocialRecruiting Show · 2020-06-26

How good are recruiters at being interviewed? It's very different on the other side of the table, how well are you doing?  With so many recruiters and TA professionals on the job hunt, Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier, thought we'd ask TA professional & Interview Coach, Margaret Buj onto the show to share some tips.   Join us live now to ask your questions!   Huge thanks to our sponsor: Enterprise Alumni!! 💚

The #SocialRecruiting Show

Katrina Collier, Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, Facilitator and Keynote Speaker, and Glenn Martin, talented Talent Acquisition Professional, chatted to people in the HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, and Employer Branding space about all things recruiting, marketing, sourcing, employer branding, social media, diversity and inclusion, and more. Ran from October 2015 - October 2020.

Rated: PG - though headset use is recommended! 😉

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