The Peer's Butler

The Peer's Butler

Scotland Yard Confidential · 2023-03-16

In December 1970, Julian Sessé, the long-serving butler to Granada TV Chairman, Lord Bernstein, was found brutally murdered in his basement flat in Belgravia. With little hope for a successful investigation, and two murder cases already on their books, local police quickly handed the case to Scotland Yard. Evidence gathered from the flat revealed that the elegant 65-year-old butler was in the habit of picking up younger men and entertaining them at his home. He was discreet and private in these affairs, and his personal acquaintances were equally secretive. Was his killer a stranger or a friend? And how would detectives trace him if no one was willing to talk? It fell to Detective Chief Superintendent John “Ginger” Hensley to crack the case of the Peer's Butler. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Scotland Yard Confidential

What makes a great detective? A razor-sharp mind? Amazing powers of deduction? Unique observational skills? Or simple perseverance? Each week on Scotland Yard Confidential, we enter the minds of some of the greatest detectives in history — real-life sleuths who would give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. We'll follow in their footsteps as they hunt down suspects and crack seemingly impossible cases. Scotland Yard Confidential is a Spotify Original from Parcast, produced in partnership with Noiser. New episodes Thursdays!

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