Feminist First? with Katy Lockey

Feminist First? with Katy Lockey

Recovering God Podcast · 2022-04-03

Katy talks about her experiences as a feminist who became a Christian. She is a breastfeeding consultant, teaches antenatal classes, runs a feminist apparel and jewellery line called Milk & Moon, is involved with leading the Christian Feminist Network, Folkestone Women's Forum and the local International Women's Day Festival.
Here are some links -
Milk and Moon www.milkandmoon.uk
Take Up Space Festival https://www.creativefolkestone.org.uk/festivals-and-projects/international-womens-day-2019/
Christian Feminist Network https://christianfeministnetwork.com/about/

You can find her at
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @katyann
Instagram: @milkandmoonuk

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