Queers Gone By

Queers Gone By

Notorious comedy queers Caitlin Powell (flame-haired bisexual menace) and Kate Butch (drag trash) are delving deep into their childhoods, reliving films, TV shows, and snacks, to see if there's any way of pinpointing the things that made them the queer icons they are today. For a healthy serving of nostalgia through the gayest lens imaginable, tune in to Queers Gone By every Throwback Thursgay!

From the CBBC classic Tracy Beaker to Disney Channel favourites like Hannah Montana, via niche Dutch cartoon Help! I'm A Fish, we've been taking a trip down memory lane every week to discover the things that made us queer, camp and generally iconic! With comedy and drag guests like Crystal Lubrikunt, Quiches Lorraine and Kathy Maniura, Queers Gone By is your one stop shop for nostalgia and the unpacking of repressed childhood memories (but in a fun way)!

Got an idea for something for us to review? Thinking 'these are things that made me queer'? Follow us at @queersgoneby and let us know!

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