Toddler sleep & reflux with Alison Scott Wright, a.k.a The Magic Sleep Fairy

Toddler sleep & reflux with Alison Scott Wright, a.k.a The Magic Sleep Fairy

Mother Tongue · 2021-08-01

This week the Mother Tongue ladies are joined by sleep & reflux expert, Alison Scott-Wright, a.k.a 'The Magic Sleep Fairy'.In this episode, Alison shares her vast knowledge on sleep (specifically toddler sleep!), sleep when travelling, reflux in toddlers and more. To round up the episode, Alison tells us about her new book 'The Sensational Toddler Sleep Plan', a follow on from her best-selling book 'The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan.'Alison Scott-Wrights Website & Social Media Handles: Sensational Baby Sleep Plan: Sensational Toddler Sleep Plan: Products: Yoto player: Aden and Anais: for privacy information.

Mother Tongue

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