Breaking The Silence with Perry Power

Breaking The Silence with Perry Power

Mavericks in Motion · 2021-04-19

Today's Maverick is a biz friend of mine who has come out of the woodworks to change the face of sexual abuse story telling.

Actor, writer, mentor and sexual abuse survivor, Perry Power does everything he can to make a positive change in the world through storytelling. Ranking up 2.3M likes and 125k followers on TikTok, his message of helping Sexual abuse survivors break their silence speaks to the hearts of many people all over the world. Perry co-runs a charity called We Rescue Kids, where they rescue kids from sexual abuse and give them the support they need to heal and positively move forward. Perry's latest book, Breaking The Silence, reached the #1 spot on Amazon for Sexual Abuse and Mental Health. Perry has been seen on FOX, NBC, CBS, MTV, Sky and the Good Men Project, hoping that his story continues to impact the lives of those who need to hear it most. You can learn more about Perry on Instagram Information about We Rescue Kids can be found here: Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review so we can build this Maverick Revolution together!To learn more about Shari and her Maverick work, head over to

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