Ep 26: Eating disorders in fiction literature and therapy animals with author Molly Fennig

Ep 26: Eating disorders in fiction literature and therapy animals with author Molly Fennig

Just Eat Normally: Eating Disorder Recovery · 2021-10-25

In this episode I talk to Molly Fennig, a clinical psychologist in training at the Minnesota Center for Eating Disorder Research and author of the young adult novel 'Starvation'. Her second novel tells the story of a Wes, a 16 year old struggling with bulimia and anorexia.

In this episode we speak about-

- Her specialisation in mental illness writing and an insight into her book.

- The comorbidity between eating disorders and anxiety and why anxiety may be considered easier to treat despite them being linked.

- Recognising triggers in loved ones with a disorder and how to communicate.

- Her therapy dog called Peaches and the use of emotional support animals.

- Issues with rigid diagnosis manuals and an exploration of pros and cons and stigmas relating to medication.

- Her own area of research at the University of Minnesota and how treatment to change behaviour should be more accessible.

Please remember that this podcast shares opinions and information, it isn’t for the diagnosis or treatment of an eating disorder, mental or physical health issues.

Connect with Rachel.

Dr Rachel Evans is a psychologist, hypnotherapist and eating disorder survivor. She brings together academic knowledge and theories, therapeutic skills and personal experience for a unique perspective on eating disorder recovery. Rachel helps ambitious women to stop restricting, bingeing and purging and to feel comfortable in their body by rebalancing physiology, rewiring the mind and reclaiming identity & self-trust.




Connect with Molly.

Molly Fennig self-published her first novel, InSomnus, at age 17. Her second novel, Starvation, was published by Immortal Works in November 2020 when she was 22. The book explores themes such as male eating disorders and mental health, and won a 2021 Independent Press Award. Molly is currently pursuing her PhD in clinical psychology, with a specialization in eating disorders, from Washington University in St. Louis. Her research has been published in multiple scientific journals. Her mini goldendoodle Peach (see cover photo), is training to be a therapist, and specializes in eating. 





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Just Eat Normally: Eating Disorder Recovery

Join psychologist Dr Rachel Evans (PhD) as she talks to fellow experts in eating disorder recovery and ED survivors with inspiring stories. This podcast is intended to help those recovering to shift their mindset, develop new skills and find their own version of normal eating. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/rachel-evans8/support

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