Pain equals purpose: male mental health and the balance of masculinity: All heart, All spine

Pain equals purpose: male mental health and the balance of masculinity: All heart, All spine

Cyber Synapse Podcast · 2020-05-08

First of all this episode was put on the back burner whilst a few episodes took centre stage during the outset of covid-19. Thank you to Matt Dipll for being patient as this was recorded some weeks ago!! Danke!

So moving to the episode, firstly this is a wonderful, wonderful conversation with some fantastic reflections about culture, the advancement of life, the deep biology of each of us, and the humanness of the life narrative. Matt has a background in Chinese Medicine, Has travelled and lived all over the world practising and then heading into the world of biohacking after losing a friend, and being in and around workers in technology and also his own health.

We talk technology, sun=bjectiveness and objectiveness and how this was the seeing towards Matt working around his Male psyche, emotional needs and impact of this on day to day living. Matt brings into the conversation about how mental health presentations also are represented in biological health. Matt talks about how life, early needs and wants are mirrored through interpersonal connection. Pain is most certainly an underlying reason for health issues (See my blogs on ACES and illness).

Matt talks about inside out and outside in and how to 'be' a man.. What is a man and what is healthy masculinity? There are layers here and this is THE most wonderful part of the conversation today. THIS is authentic and raw and real. You need to listen deeply here so be in a space where you can absorb this message. It's so good. Like for reals really good!

Apologies for coughing in the episode, anyone would think that there was a reason for this. (perhaps?)


Matt is on Insta and @MattDippl


Iron John by Robert Bly

Manhood by Steve Biddulph (book) :  

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