Could mould allergy be the missing piece of your health puzzle? With Alex Manos IFMCP

Could mould allergy be the missing piece of your health puzzle? With Alex Manos IFMCP

STATE OF MIND · 2021-02-16

Today, my guest Alex Manos and I are talking about a VERY important topic in Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine - Mould and Mycotoxins.

This might be new terminology for you but don’t switch off, mould allergy or mycotoxicosis is increasingly becoming one of the biggest players in the chronic health game. When you’ve tried everything from gut work to hormonal treatment to dietary changes and looking at stress and lifestyle and you still have no answers, then it’s worth thinking about whether you’ve ever lived in a water damaged property because mycotoxins could be causing you a significant problem.

We also potentially exacerbate the issue with contaminated foods too: coffee, peanuts, grains and dried fruit being just some of the culprits.

When Alex lists the associated symptoms with mould illness and mycotoxins I think you’ll be shocked how relatable they are to you, so do keep listening and if you want to discuss any of the topics covered in this episode further then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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