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Nature is in crisis, and this affect all of us. The environmental challenges that we face, from deforestation to climate change, are threatening our wildlife, biodiversity and ecosystems like never before. But it’s not too late. With education, science and collective action, we can bring our world back to life.

Call of the Wild is the award-winning podcast that's dedicated to raising awareness about the critical issues facing our world.

Join our host, Cel Spellman, a WWF ambassador, actor and presenter, as he teams up with wildlife experts and special guests from the worlds of the arts, science, culture and entertainment, such as Sir David Attenborough, Fearne Cotton, Richard Curtis and more, to explore the threats we're facing.

Discover how choices around food, lifestyle and money impact our environment and learn how using your voice and holding our leaders to account can make a difference.

We want to empower our listeners to take action and make a positive change. That's why we invite you to rate our podcast five stars, leave a review and join the conversation.

The Wild is calling. It's time to act.

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of Call Of The Wild?

There are 29 episodes avaiable of Call Of The Wild.

What is Call Of The Wild about?

We have categorized Call Of The Wild as:

  • Education
  • Science

Where can you listen to Call Of The Wild?

Call Of The Wild is available, among others places, on:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Podtail
  • Google Podcasts

When did Call Of The Wild start?

The first episode of Call Of The Wild that we have available was released 21 January 2021.

Who creates the podcast Call Of The Wild?

Call Of The Wild is produced and created by WWF.