Why Using VPN at Non-GamStop Casinos Is Not a Good Idea

Privacy is one of the main concerns when playing in online casinos, including those on GamStop. While browsing is secure thanks to SSL encryption and similar security measures, privacy is something else. Everything we enter online is logged on a server, which means that others can trace that data. That’s where your Internet provider or casino of choice comes in. They have the necessary tools to protect your privacy which is essential when playing real money games.


It’s one of the most important factors to check about online casinos. Why? Well, we enter a lot of personal data in online casinos, not to mention sharing financial details. That’s why lots of players use VPNs which are a solution to the privacy problem. However, using VPNs is not recommended in GamStop casinos — or online casinos whatsoever. In this article, we are about to find out why.

Arguments Against Using VPN at the Casinos Without GamStop

Why should you avoid using VPN in GamStop casinos? There are actually several reasons against it. First of all, there are better and more legal ways to avoid GamStop. Besides, VPNs are banned for use in online casinos, and that might result in confiscated funds. VPNs are also not as great as you think, and they’re not a good way to cheat online casinos. Let’s check other reasons why it’s a bad idea to use VPNs in online casinos on GamStop.

There Are Many Good Non GamStop Options

The UK online gambling market is one of the biggest in the world. Online casinos love to get a piece of the pie, so nearly all casino sites offer their services to UK players. As explained in this guide about non GamStop UK casinos, if you want to play without GamStop, which applies only to UK casinos, you should join a gambling site not located in the UK. You can still join and play without the burden of the GamStop program. It definitely beats using VPNs which can get you in trouble before you know it.

GamStop Is Too Complex

Once you register on GamStop trying to keep your gambling at bay, it’s too complex of a system. Once you’re in, it’s tough to get out – that’s what we’re trying to say. Using VPNs is not the solution. If you’ve changed your mind, you should look for offshore casinos instead of those registered and licensed in the UK.


If you use a VPN, you can get into more trouble than you think. It’s best to stick to international casinos instead of going for a UK one.

You Might Get Banned

Casinos are very much against the idea of you using a VPN. It’s a banned practice, and if you get caught—and you will if you do it often—you will be banned. It’s just like trying to cheat. Do you know how casinos can ban you if you try to abuse casino bonus rules? It’s the same with using a VPN, except it’s easier to get caught.


Besides, self-excluded users can safely gamble without cheating simply by playing at non-GamStop casinos, so there is no real need for cheating, and it’s best not to use VPNs altogether.

Your Funds Might Be Confiscated

Once you’re banned, the casino reserves the right to confiscate your funds if it spots any wrongdoing. Using VPNs on the GamStop sites is the perfect example of it, so you can easily see that you might lose the funds on your balance. And yes, those will include any bonus funds—which isn’t that bad—and any winnings. No one likes to see their winnings lost due to a technicality, and that’s exactly why you should refrain from using VPNs in GamStop casinos.


Imagine hitting a jackpot and losing it because of that. It wouldn’t be so great, right? But, the casino is perfectly within its rights to do so. Even if you file a report, no one can help you in that case when you’re caught using a VPN.



It is important to remember that using VPNs in GamStop casinos—and all casinos for that matter—is an offence which gaming sites don’t take lightly. Developing responsible gambling habits and playing at the casinos without GamStop might be a possible solution. In this case, you can keep playing even if you are under self-exclusion, and you do not have to use a VPN Besides, you’re not as protected as you think when you use such software. The IP addresses are still public, and you could get caught. However, if you’re already self-excluded on GamStop but you’ve changed your mind, your best bet is to play at an online casino registered outside the UK.