The best fintech podcasts to listen to

Fintech is a growing term that you may hear used more and more. It relates to the rapidly changing world of financial technology.


Financial technology can refer to all sorts of different areas, such as payment technologies and cryptocurrency, and even numerous aspects of finance and the whole industry around it. Banking is changing rapidly and payment technologies have to keep up to ensure people are safe and protected.


With so many developments in the industry and new technologies and even currencies being launched all the time, it can be hard to keep up, but there are numerous places to keep track, including blogs and of course, podcasts.


The Payments Podcast


You might think that there are only so many options for talking about the way money is processed in the industry, but actually, this is a multibillion-pound industry and podcasts such as The Payments Podcast have a number of episodes discussing different ways to do things. For both businesses and individuals, it is crucial that you remain clued up on the differing options.


The Payments Podcast has a really specific focus on the way that people pay for goods and services. The topics talked about on their site have varied massively, but include aspects like crypto and mobile payments.


In the future, we might see payment platforms releasing podcasts to give us the inside scoop. For example, Paysafe, which is a widely used payment method and is also known for being a popular method for depositing at online casinos, released the Paysafe Insights Podcast in 2021. This could be something that is explored by other large payment providers like PayPal or Apple Pay, so it might not be too long before we can get more insight directly from the source. For now, though, the best option remains the Payments Podcast from Bottomline, especially for a holistic overview of the industry.


Fintech Futures


Fintech Futures is another big podcast that has a lot of different information about the future of fintech. It focuses more on which way the industry might go in the future and has a lot of speculative episodes, diving into the financial future and discussing things like quantum computing and how this will change things. The podcast features an episode with Dr Philip Intallura, Head of Quantum Technologies at HSBC.


FinTech Focus TV – Powered by Harrington Starr


This is a podcast that is run by a huge recruitment company, Harrington Starr, with more of a focus on the industry than specifically focusing on the consumer.


The podcast is hosted by Harrington Starr’s CEO, Toby Babb, and he chats with a lot of different guests and even covers huge industry events, chatting about the change to DeFi, the state of fintech at the moment, and even things like investment in the industry.


This is another podcast that has a really interesting way of looking to the future and discussing events within finance, and how they might affect things as we move on.


We’ve included this on our list partially because of the British origins of the podcast – it is one of the top UK podcasts that focuses on the fintech industry, and has a very British view on the future of the industry as well as how things will change in the coming years. It is also good for those considering working in the industry.


Fintech Insider by 11:FS


Though this particular podcast is not made in the UK, it is an absolutely huge podcast that people who are interested in the industry should keep a close eye on.


The Fintech Insider podcast has expert hosts as well as a number of modern companies providing guests who discuss the way the fintech industry is working and the direction in which it is going. Some of those involved include Stripe, JPMorgan Chase, Klarna, Revolut and a whole host of other new and fascinating companies that are making moves in this industry.




Fintech podcasts are a great way to keep tabs on the industry, and while they may not be daily listening for a lot of average folk, they certainly are for those working in the industry, or other businesses that need to embrace the latest ways for customers to pay and use their business.


There are many new podcasts focusing on some of the pressing issues and industry developments, but those mentioned on this list are some of the key listens if you want to stay on top of what is going on in fintech!