The Best Casino Oriented Podcasts

There really is a podcast for everything, so when you consider the fact that there are hundreds of millions of people globally who play casino games, it is no surprise that there are casino and gaming-oriented podcasts. As more casinos have launched, and hundreds of new games have come to the industry, so there are more people talking on podcasts about gambling games and sites.


Many of these podcasts are highly informative and give great advice when it comes to gambling in casinos, either online or in real life. It is crucial to take heed of the advice and remain responsible at all times when gambling and consuming gambling media, with online reviews of the top 10 online casinos stressing the importance of responsible gambling. Podcasts that promote sensible gambling are becoming more popular, which is a positive development for the industry.


Below, we explore five of the top casino-oriented podcasts. Some of these are related to the casino games people like to play, while others have more of a focus on the industry and the way in which it works.


The Gambling Files


The Gambling Files is a podcast that has had over 150 episodes. The hosts, Jon and Fintan, are industry experts with a wealth of experience, and many of their podcast episodes focus on things that are happening in the wider industry, including new launches, gambling events and conferences, and more.


The Gambling Files is not the sort of podcast aimed at those looking to find new games, but the hosts do a great job of explaining the industry and the way it works, and they’ll keep you abreast of the very latest developments.


Professor Slots


Professor Slots is a podcast with a single host, Jon Friedl, who started talking about slot games online as early as 2014 and has been going ever since.


A lot of his podcasts feel like they are aimed at the US as well as the UK market, but he has a lot of interesting takes on the industry and even makes comparisons between the available slot games and gambling games such as table games.


Vegas Confessions


For a lot of people, Las Vegas is still seen as the pinnacle when it comes to gambling, and even British folk can soak up the interesting industry insights from professional gamblers and those who are living in Vegas or have a long history of playing games at Vegas casinos.


Vegas Confessions does not have much of a focus on online casinos, so may not be best suited if this is your thing, but it certainly is an interesting peek into Las Vegas and the way this fascinating city works.


NEXT Podcast


The iGaming NEXT Podcast is one that has more of a focus on the industry. It isn’t as well-known as some of the household names of pods, such as the High Performance Podcast or the Adam Buxton Podcast, but it is one of those podcasts that shares some interesting industry insights.


It is partially for people who are employed in the industry, with the likes of Rory Credland working on the podcast. Credland is a former ICE Portfolio Events Manager and has worked on some of the biggest European gambling industry events.


Topics can vary on this podcast, and while some focus on aspects such as industry rules and regulations, there is a lot of talk about the big deals and interesting trends we see in the industry today.


The NEXT Podcast might not be as interesting for the casual gamer with a simple interest in playing, but for those who want to learn more about the industry, it is a fascinating listen. The industry podcast mentions a lot of different countries, with the UK being just one of the focus areas.


Gambling Guys


Another podcast that is produced in the US but has a big UK following is Gambling Guys, with its charming hosts Parlay Pete and David Casino.


Gambling Guys shares a lot of tales and anecdotes, as well as information about the casino industry – both online and offline – and the way it works. Gambling Guys tend to put out multiple episodes a month, so there is a consistent flow of interesting tales from these guys who have a lot of experience in the US gambling industry.




This is a growth area. In fact, it combines two different growth areas: podcasting and casinos. The casino industry has not had as many podcasters making content as other industries, but that seems to be changing. There are also many different poker podcasts exploring this sub-niche of casino gaming.


While there are a few industry podcasts that talk about the movers and shakers in the casino business, we are also seeing more podcasts based on individuals and their experiences playing slots and table games.