Streaming personalities rise as podcast hosts

Podcasts have been around for a long time, with origins reaching back to the early 2000s. The variety of shows, from popular true crime narratives to discussions on sports, the paranormal, real-life stories and fiction, is simply staggering.

Celebrities have jumped onto the podcasting bandwagon, and there has also been a crossover between the world of online streaming and podcasting.

It used to be that podcasting was seen as little more than a nerdy slice of the audio industry, but its popularity has reached fever pitch with streaming wars. Major platforms clamour for their share of the podcasting world, dishing out large sums of money to secure the rights to certain shows.

The Joe Rogan Experience and Archetypes with Meghan Markle are the perfect examples of this. The bigger the celebrity that a service can entice, the more customers they are likely to pull in for revenue purposes.

Why are podcasts so popular?

The versatility of podcasts is the big selling point, as only a mobile phone and a player app, of which there are many, are needed. These are generally small-sized audio files that can be streamed or downloaded to a device. So, there is incredibly easy access to a vast world of content. It’s an experience that can be enjoyed free of cost, too.

While there are apps that may require a fee to upgrade and unlock extra features, such as advert removal, free podcasts are easy to come by. Yes, some kind of phone data or Wi-Fi plan is required, but with podcasts, there isn’t a need to add yet another monthly entertainment subscription to the pile.

They can be played while driving to work, used to pass the time on a long run, or even enjoyed while making dinner. It’s that non-attachment to a device that also gives podcasts an edge – it is a simple plug and play entertainment platform.

There is no being locked in front of a television, for example, and podcast lengths average around an hour, so there is no major time commitment to get some great entertainment.

There is so much niche variety available too. Many online streamers have forged their popularity from a social-gaming platform and have taken that into the world of podcasting. Shows reviewing the latest game releases or the top games on LeoVegas are some of the current hot topics.

Streaming vs podcasts

The crossover between streaming and podcasting is strong. There is no real battle between the two forms of communication, and one can complement the other. The main difference is that live streaming is all done on the fly and is thus random, unedited and extremely unpredictable.

It also has the requirement that the consumer has to stay visually attached to a screen. Podcasts, in contrast, are pre-recorded, edited into a familiar format and then sent out into the podcast-verse and shared for availability on many platforms. They lack the real-time interaction that streamers get but generally have much better production value.


For any streamer who has plenty of experience sitting in front of a microphone and talking, then jumping over into podcasting isn’t a huge leap. With a good script and some time, a strong podcast can be knocked out without the pressure of performing in front of a virtual, live audience.

Established streamers can carry their experience and other assets like content niche, style, personality and charisma over to podcasting. They have the advantage already of a pre-existing base of followers, which could help a new pod to hit the ground running.

Who has done it?

One of the most famous, most followed Twitch streamers, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins launched his first podcast called AFK w/ Ninja, in 2023. Others to have done it include AuronPlay, Logan Paul and Tfue.

It’s also common to find streamers like XQC and Kandyland popping up as guests on podcasts. These are people with some clout in terms of followers, and it can be a great coup for any podcast to have them on because it will raise visibility.

Peter Crouch, Ed Gamble, James Acaster, Helena Bonham Carter, Dax Shepard, Conan O’Brien, Romesh Ranganathan and Joe Wilkinson – the list of celebrities who have dipped their toes in the podcasting waters is endless.

Podcasts can almost feel like eavesdropping on other people’s conversations and at the same time intimate to the listener, with having someone famous talking directly into their ear.

In conclusion

Podcasting has become just as mainstream as, well, streaming has. There is a bombardment of entertainment across countless platforms, and podcasting is fully embedded in modern culture.

Podcast statistics show that the popularity of the medium has risen, with a year-after-year increase in listenership in the last 10 years. In 2022, Statista reported that there were an estimated 21.2 million listeners in the UK.