Horse Racing Podcasts to Follow

A podcast is a program made available in a digital format or acquired through the internet. These programs have become increasingly common, primarily since the end of the most recent pandemic, and they cover various sports.

Horse racing is a famous sport that has dominated the internet for a long time. This racing mainly involves two or more horses that compete over a certain distance. It is among the most ancient sports and aims to identify the fastest horse.

Horse races vary significantly in format, as most countries have come up with their traditions regarding the sport. The Cheltenham Festival is fast approaching and will be a popular topic on these podcasts.

Horse racing lovers can enjoy free bets on this page, and below we discuss the top horse racing podcasts in 2023.

Luck on Sunday

Luck on Sunday is a popular horse racing podcast hosted by Nick Luck. This show airs every Sunday and is recorded from the morning's program. Every TV broadcast is divided into three; the primary episode, the main interview per episode, and talking points.

This podcast covers various racing topics and hosts some critical sports personalities.

From the Horse’s Mouth

From the horse’s mouth the podcast is owned by Paddy Power, and he appears on almost every show. Paddy Power is joined by the legendary Ruby Walsh, a renowned horse racing tipster, and Frank Hickey.

This podcast is fun to listen to and discusses the latest news regarding this sport.

The Hound and Horse Podcast

It is impossible to write about the best podcasts without mentioning the hound and horse podcast. The H&H team runs this podcast, mainly covering the key disciplines. The runners also hold key interviews with renowned personalities that analyze previous and future races.

This team also discussed the ley activities that took place during the week, and listeners can get valuable insights from the likes of Ricky Farr and Jason Webb.

Nick Luck Daily

The Nick Luck daily is one of the most common horse racing podcasts in 2023. This podcast is hosted by top racing presenter and broadcaster Nick Luck. This podcast is released daily from Monday to Saturday and covers the latest affairs in the horse racing world.

The Nick Luck daily podcastalso reviews and previews jockeys, trainees, and other racing professionals.

Final Furlong

The Final Furlong podcast is run by Emmet Kennedy, an experienced radio presenter with tons of knowledge regarding horse racing. Emmet hosts a wide variety of horse racing fans and experts, making his podcast among the most streamed.


Wagertalk is a horse racing talk show based in Vegas, and it informs its audience about the most suitable bets to make. This podcast is standard because it covers the NBA and NFL, among others.

This podcast brings together renowned personalities in this industry that help listeners make more informed decisions.

Backstretch Talk

The Backstretch talk podcast hails from southern California, giving its users important information and tips to enable them to make better decisions before betting. This show's hosts have tons of experience in horse racing, which will make you victorious.

Blinkers Off

Blinkers Off is among the leading destinations for all horse-racing-related stories. This podcast has free selections and a website where listeners can enjoy articles, and exclusive photos, among others.

This podcast was made for racing fans by racing fans, and it discussed some key topics.

Final Thoughts

Horse racing has been present for a long time and provides seamless entertainment to millions worldwide. Many people have come up with creative podcasts that help gamblers to stake accurate bets, and the above article has discussed the most common.

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