A Review of the Top Gambling Podcasts in the UK

Podcasts are all the rage in 2023 and it is easy to see why. They're educational, entertaining and thought-provoking. What's more, you can listen to your favourite podcast wherever and whenever you want and there’s a podcast for everyone!

In this article, we'll delve deeper into the best gambling podcasts in the UK. Who are the hosts? What do they talk about and why should you subscribe to their platforms?

Gambla Betting Podcast

The Gambla Betting Podcast is one of the biggest sports betting podcasts in the UK. Hosts Greg and David publish an average of four episodes per week. Each episode is packed with informative betting tips on football, horseracing, rugby, darts and other major sports.

Being the biggest sport in the world, football is the most talked about sport on the podcast. Fortunately, Greg & David don’t limit their tips to popular leagues in the UK. They also focus on football leagues in Scotland, Norway and the US.

Why should you subscribe to this podcast? Great reviews. People who’ve listened to Greg and David all agree that the duo is really knowledgeable about football betting.

While their tips aren’t guaranteed winners, they do get it right a remarkable amount of the time. Also, they tend to be detailed about their predictions. This helps you look at matches from an expert’s point of view before you place your bets.

Follow the Gamble Betting Podcast on SoundCloud here.

IGaming NEXT

IGaming NEXT is a podcast for industry leaders, casino owners and players in the UK, Europe and the USA. It features six hosts, including Pierre Lindh, Heidi Lofthus and Rory Credland – people who’ve been working in the remote gambling industry for decades.

Truth be told, iGaming NEXT covers everything happening in the industry. For example, they might talk about the latest casino to receive a fine for violating regulations. They could also talk about slots, marketing and social media trends.

Sometimes they talk about the best mobile casinos in the UK & Europe. But as always, you don’t want to take anyone’s word for it. Make sure you do your research and read casino reviews so that you can be confident that you’re playing at the best mobile casino sites.

iGaming NEXT releases an average of one episode per week. Each episode is roughly 40 minutes long. Follow the channel on Spotify here.

The Smart Betting Club Expert

The Smart Betting Club Expert is a podcast for people who love to win their sports bets. Host Pete helps you become a better sports gambler by interviewing successful tipsters and punters on his platform.

He releases two one-hour episodes per month. Many of his fans wish he would publish more content regularly because his podcasts are actually helpful.

As mentioned, Pete doesn’t pretend to be an expert gambler. He talks to the real experts: professional gamblers and tipsters. He asks them for their gambling secrets to help you turn your losses into profits.

Some of the most famous guests on Pete’s podcast include Craig Edwards – a snooker professional – and Quentin Franks, a tipster.

Follow the podcast on Spotify here.

Professor Slots

The UK loves slots. So, it makes perfect sense for casino lovers to follow Professor Slots – a gambling podcaster based in the US. Professor Slots, real name Jon Friedl, didn’t earn his nickname by mistake.

He’s been playing slots for years. However, he began podcasting in 2014. Jon claims he makes up to 50% in profits by playing slots. Listen to Jon to learn how he strategises while playing both video slots and progressive jackpots. Learn from his past mistakes, how to budget for your bankroll and specialized training.

Considering Jon is based in the US, he primarily targets gamblers based in different states. He’s always talking about casinos in Louisiana, Kentucky and other locations. On the bright side, his podcasts are long—almost two hours. As such, you can skim through the content to skip bits you’re not interested in.

Trade on Sports

Many sports betting tipsters specialise in one or two sports. Trade on Sports is no different. It focuses on football, especially the English Premier League, baseball and tennis. During the football season, hosts Jimmy Kempton and Pete Nordsted analyse a selected number of matches every week.

They talk about football in general. They highlight each team’s progress in the league, important players and what to expect from each match. Of course, they include their predictions but not before explaining their decisions.

Now that the EPL season is over, the hosts at Trade on Sports are focusing on tennis and baseball. Listen to the podcasts on Apple here.

You Can Bet on That

This gambling podcast talks about everything related to gambling. From sports betting to blackjack and slots, You Can Bet on That stays true to its name. It focuses on a wide range of betting topics.

In some episodes, the hosts provide their experience playing high-stakes blackjack. Sometimes they offer tips to help you increase your winning rate. In most cases, they combine topics.

They might start by looking at college football games. As time passes, they change gears to casino games. The hosts always include the topics discussed beneath their episodes to help you decide whether to listen. Follow the podcast on Apple here.

Soccer Gambling Podcast

If you’re like many British football fans, you hate using the ‘S’ word while talking about the beautiful game. The Soccer Gambling Podcast calls football soccer. But the hosts are incredibly knowledgeable about the game.

They specialize in the EPL, the Champions League and the Bundesliga. They analyse football while looking at all possible angles: injuries, form, lineups, power rankings and motivation.

The Soccer Gambling Podcast is a top-rated channel; its fans love it. The only downside is that it focuses on football alone. But then again, it’s a soccer gambling podcast for a reason.

Follow the channel on Apple podcasts here.