10 Best UK Betting Podcasts

As the popularity of sports betting continues to rise, so too does the number of podcasts dedicated to the subject. With so many shows vying for attention in this competitive landscape, it can be difficult to know which ones are truly worth your time.

Fortunately, there are several UK-based podcasts that stand out from the crowd. Without further ado, here are ten of the best betting podcasts currently available on different platforms.

1. Beyond the Bet

  • Hosts: Gambling Support Service
  • Frequency: 4 episodes/year
  • Episode length: 40-45 minutes

Beyond the Bet is a great podcast hooked up by the Gambling Support Service. This project is run by 12 Citizens Advice offices across England & Wales. The show is full of interesting and helpful content that covers heaps of gambling-related topics. Whether you want to understand something or just wanna explore online table games and win real money, they have got you. Plus, the hosts chat about the mind tricks casinos use, so it's all good for workers in the field or anyone who's into gambling as a concept.

2. BetBites Podcast

  • Hosts: David Easson
  • Frequency: 1 episode/week
  • Episode length: 20 minutes

Tune in to the BetBites Podcast, hosted by David Easson and produced by Sports Betting Media! If you're a betting fiend, this show's got you covered with weekly tips and tricks from the experts in under 90 seconds. They'll hook you up with hot picks across a bunch of sports like football, rugby, cricket, boxing, rugby union, super league, F1, NFL, snooker – the whole nine yards! But wait, there's more! The podcast also dishes out previews for elections, reality TV, and even Eurovision.

3. Gambla Podcast

  • Hosts: Rowan Day and Pete Ling
  • Frequency: 1 episode/week
  • Episode length: 40-45 minutes

For those seeking valuable betting tips and analysis on Scottish football, The Gambla Podcast is a must-listen. Hosted by Greg Browning, from the Scottish Football Betting Podcast, and Selectabet, this weekly show delves deep into the best bets of the upcoming weekend. What sets it apart is the guest appearances from bookies and former football players, providing insights and experiences from the other side of the game. Presented by the team at Gambla, this podcast is an informative and entertaining addition to any bettor's audio library.

4. The Smart Betting Club

  • Hosts: Greg & David Weatherston
  • Frequency: 2 episodes/month
  • Episode length: 45-50 minutes

Join the world of profitable betting with The Smart Betting Club Podcast, led by none other than Smart Betting Club Editor, Pete Ling. In every episode, Pete engages with expert tipsters, professional punters, and industry professionals to provide valuable insights into long-term profitable gambling.

Image by Sam Williams from Pixabay

The podcast's guest list boasts of notable personalities such as Simon Nott, Declan Meagher, Neel Shah, Matt Bisogno, Paul Krishnamurty, and many more industry leaders.

5. Trade on Sports

  • Hosts: Pete Nordsted & Jimmy Kempton
  • Frequency: 1 episode/week
  • Episode length: 25-30 minutes

Join hosts Pete Nordsted and Jimmy Kempton as they take you through the weekly Premier League fixtures and hunt for value bets on the Trade on Sports podcast. With a polished feel and high-quality analysis, the podcast offers valuable insights into the upcoming matches.

6. Trademate Sports Betting Podcast

  • Hosts: Alex Vella
  • Frequency: 1 episode/2 weeks
  • Episode length: 50 minutes

The Trademate Sports Betting Podcast is an extension of the popular Trademate Sports website, which offers a unique tool that helps bettors identify overpriced markets from bookmakers for a subscription fee.

With a mission to help bettors outsmart the sportsbooks, the podcast provides valuable insider tips into not only good picks but also the art of being a successful bettor.

7. Football Weekly (The Guardian)

  • Hosts: Join Max & Barry
  • Frequency: 1 episode/week
  • Episode length: 50 minutes

If you're a soccer nut, you are going to check out Football Weekly with Max Rushden and Barry Glendenning. You'll get a laugh out of their hilarious takes and the guests they bring on like Nicky Bandini, Mark Langdon, Jonathan Fadugba, and Jonathan Liew. They break down all the latest news in the Premier League and international soccer like nobody else can.

8. The Trampled Bet

  • Hosts: Andy & Gordo
  • Frequency: 1 episode/week
  • Episode length: 40-50 minutes

If you're into Scottish football or just want to chillax while making some weekend bets, you gotta listen to The Trampled Bet. You got Andy Vaughan and Gordon McLarnon co-hosting, and they're not only smart but funny too. They talk about the big European leagues, sure, but what sets them apart is how they find those juicy betting opportunities in markets all over the world.

9. Sporting Life Football

  • Hosts: Joe Townsend, George Pitts, Tom Carnduff & Dale Tempest
  • Frequency: 1 episode/week
  • Episode length: 50 minutes

Sporting Life Football is a podcast that primarily focuses on fantasy football, delving into the Premier Leagueon a weekly basis. However, the discussion sometimes goes beyond the league, touching on other topics related to football as well.

Image by Daniel Friesenecker from Pixabay

While the podcast's main purpose is to help listeners pick the best players for their fantasy teams, it also provides valuable insights that can be used for general wagering purposes.

10. Bets For Today

  • Hosts: Steve Trow
  • Frequency: 1 episode/day
  • Episode length: 10 minutes

As a full-time job and profitable betting can be a challenging mix, the Bets For Today podcast offers listeners valuable insights to help them succeed. Hosted by professional gambler and sports trader Steve Trow, the show provides the best betting angles of the day, along with interviews with betting insiders, free tips, and honest reviews of tipsters and services.