Sea Shanties By Night

Sea Shanties By Night

The podcast that discusses all things vampiric, with no fear of breaching The Masquerade brings you 'Sea Shanties By Night', a Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition Chronicle set in the Caribbean, during The Golden Age of piracy.Our stunning cast for this podcast are Lady Dark Scarlett of Check Ds Out as Rosie Butcher of Clan Lamia, Steffie De Vaan as Captain of Clan Ahrimanne, Syriinx as Lucia of Clan Lasombra, The Queen Vee of Queens Courts Games as Calliope of Clan Daughters of Cacophony and The Lore By Night Podcast Guy as your Storyteller and NPCs.This podcast may contain scenes of violence, topics of disturbing natures and a queer all-female cast. Viewer discretion is advised. Remember to judge the monsters, not the mortals portraying them.Lore By Night Links:Twitter: https://www.jacklebreton.comDiscord: Dark Scarlett Links:Instagram: also plays D&D with Check Ds Out! Here are their links:Instagram: De Vaan Links:Instagram: Links:Instagram: Queen Vee Link:Twitter: also is a co-founder of Queens Court Games, which is currently doing a V5 Chronicle set in Chicago! Here are their links:Instagram:

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