Why we should Chase the Play not the Pay - Andy Greenacre

Why we should Chase the Play not the Pay - Andy Greenacre

Creative Ways Podcast · 2022-06-17

This week we are joined by artist Andy Greenacre creator of unruly print .He used to be a photographer teacher too but when he was told he won't be able to stand up for very long all day for the rest of your life, he of course questioned what was truly important and what creative path he really wanted to take, live and breath for work, as we know there is a big difference.

Andy ran the successful Makers Market From Home throughout lockdown, plus he broadcasts for Radio, which you might think nothing of until you hear Andy had a huge fear over public speaking!

Andy’s Takeaways

1.Project your energy

2.Remove people from your socials who make you feel negative

3.If you want more structure or accountability, ask another creative to collaborate with you, you will naturally level up and that energy together is huge

4.What are your boundaries? Know those when you want to work with others.

5.Keep being curious it’s what feeds us, if we get too busy we can forget to do try new art.

6.Champion yourself. People go to the theatres to see someone perform, they don’t go to see someone hiding In The corner!

7.Not everything has to be monetised, trust the creative road

8.Chase the play not the pay

9.Treat your creative business as work it’s not a side line when if you’ve got a day job for now, this is your life’s work what you’ve always wanted to start, go all in, if you haven’t the money, give your time on the side it won’t grow without your full respect. Your langue and the way you talk about his matters

10.What positives are you going to hold onto through lockdown that you will keep moving forward? Hold onto it. Write it down and set reminders on your phone to keep you from straying

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